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Berber carpets are one of the most interesting types of carpets. The specialty of the Berber carpets is that they are looped instead of being cut as in regular carpets. They come in unlimited color and texture combinations and can instantly lift up the spirit of any space, be it residential or commercial. Besides their aesthetic appeal, Berber carpets are extremely comfortable to walk on. Given the right care and maintenance, this exceptional flooring lasts a truly long time. But if you are not taking good care of them, they may as well ditch you point blank! In case your Berber carpet is showing signs of wear and tear, you still stand a chance to save them. At Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts, our crew is especially trained for Berber carpet repair so that you can enjoy your favorite carpets much longer than you expected.

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Stop that Lovely Berber Carpet from Unraveling!

One tiny snag can prove fatal to a lively Berber carpet. It can begin to unravel, and once it starts to unravel, the process is surprisingly quick. An unraveled Berber carpet exposes the carpet’s backing, making the entire carpet unfit for use. Therefore, we, at Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts, recommend that you repair the tiniest snag in a Berber carpet as soon as you notice it. The longer you delay the harder and longer it will take for repairs. A stitch in time can literally save you hundreds of dollars here. 

Berber Carpet Damage Causes

Any small factor could contribute to extensive damage in a Berber carpet. The most common ones include:

  • Pointy high heels getting caught in the yarn
  • Pet claws
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Movement of heavy furniture on the carpet 

How We Carry Out Berber Carpet Repair in Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts are the best in Berber carpet repair. Our fixes are barely visible to an onlooker and we accomplish such precision in mending in a delightfully short time. We perform surgical repairs by weaving the carpet yarn back into place and securing it in such a way that it does not start unraveling again. Even when you have long columns of missing fibers in your Berber carpet, we can re-weave them to perfection. Whether your carpet has a solid color or patterns on it, we can do the perfect weaving job to make detection impossible.

However, when your Berber carpet has completely missing patches or patches that are damaged beyond repair, we take another small patch of the same carpet and fix it in place of the portion that was damaged. 

Expect Quick Turnaround Time and Impeccable Customer Service

A Berber carpet repair job with Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts is easier than you imagine. We not only have the expertise to deal with the most complicated of repairs but also ensure that our customer service is the smoothest in the industry.

We perform our repairs impeccably yet fast enough to interrupt your routine too much. Our executives are skilled as well as polite and respectful. Whatever questions you may have with regard to Berber carpet maintenance, we will answer them to our best capacity.

So do not think of replacing your Berber carpets yet; allow Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts to inspect the damage and take appropriate action towards repairing them. Our rates are quite reasonable and we offer no-cost, no-obligation estimate for Berber carpet repair services in Agoura Hills. A good repair can make your floors look like new and consequently save you thousands of dollars in replacement.

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