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Carpet patching is a special science and an art that can make your old carpets go from drab to fab. Not every carpet repairing professional can execute the job so perfectly as to make it undetectable to the onlooker; but Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts can! We are skilled in patching carpets to perfection and we have the finest equipment in place to help us do so. If you have a rip, tear, snag or stain in your carpets, be assured that we can repair it for you and give you a carpet that looks like new at a miniscule fraction of the cost of a new carpet. 

Causes for Carpet Damage

All carpets are prone to damage over time. In some areas of the house or workplace, the damage happens quicker and more frequently than in others. Numerous factors contribute to this, including some as simple as natural light causing uneven fading. The most common causes for damage we encounter and deal with on an everyday basis are:

  • Stains due to food and drink spillage, or other stains like those of blood or pet urine
  • Carpet getting lose and wavy due to improper initial installation
  • Rips occurring from pointy shoe heels, furniture movement or pet claws
  • Snagging in Berber carpets
  • Damaged padding due to concentrated foot traffic in a particular area 

Surgical Reweaving of Carpets

When the damage in your carpets is at its initial stage, the carpet fiber is often still intact. At this point, it is not necessary to replace the patch with a new one; only a surgical reweaving of the fibers in that area accomplishes the mending job perfectly. 

Replacing the Damaged Patch with a Fresh One

Permanent replacement of a damaged patch with a fresh patch of the same carpet is a great solution for mending rips and tears in a carpet. The patch can come from a hidden section of the carpet or some additional fabric that you might have stored. We too can help you find a matching patch. After the carpet patching job, the entire carpet looks smooth and the seams of the new section are virtually invisible. 

We Specialize in Patching Residential and Commercial Carpets Both

Be it your home, office or a workshop, we execute our repair chores perfectly and within one-two hours. You can call us over at a time that suits you (like non-peak hours during a workday for commercial repairs), and we will try our best to accommodate your routine into ours. 

Ensure your Safety by Repairing Damage when You Notice It

Rips or sags in carpets are not just unsightly but are also a potential threat to your safety. It is not uncommon for people to trip over a faulty carpet and get injured. Putting yourself and your family at risk is certainly not what you want.

Moreover, when in a commercial space, you could as well face a lawsuit against you if somebody falls over due to a carpet you did not repair in time. So take action towards mending your carpets as soon as you notice any trace of damage in it. The sooner you repair, the easier it will be on your wallet and the longer your carpets will last. 

Why Buy when You Can Mend?

Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts can make your worn carpets fabulous. Whatever the cause of damage is and whatever the extent of the damage is, we can eliminate the need for you to buy a new carpet with our immaculate carpet patching service in Agoura Hills. So just call us, give us a couple of hours from your day and we will show you our magic!

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We Are Certified By The IICRC in Carpet Repair, Carpet Cleaning & Color Correction (Dyeing)

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I love Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts! They fixed my bleach stain that my kid made. They matched the color perfectly, I couldn't be happier! Thanks Joe!

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