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Carpet seams begin to come off if someone deliberately uses force to tear them apart, the carpet has exceeded its lifespan, or most commonly, when they are not sealed well. If your carpet too is unraveling at the seams, we, the Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts, are here to rescue and restore it with our flawless carpet seam repair service.

Carpet Seam Repair Agoura Hills CA

Where do the Carpet Seams Lie?

The standard width of a carpet is 12 feet. So, in bigger rooms, like the living space of your house, two edges of the carpet need to be seamed together. In the second case, carpet seams are present in places where one space is merging into another, for example in the part of the hallway joining into another room. Carpet seams comprise two edges of the carpet with a seam tape reinforced by seal sealer. Normally, these seams do not come off on their own unless the sealing job has been done poorly (a problem more common than many of us would like to believe). 

Carpet Seam Repair Methods

Based on where the underlying damage is, we use different methods of repairing seams. In the first case, if the problem is that a part of the seam tape has lost its grip, the solution is pretty simple.  All we need to do is use premium adhesive over the seam tape and evenly press the backing of the carpet into the tape. This kind of seam damage usually occurs when the seam tape was either under melted or over melted at the time of carpet installation.

In the second case, when the damage is greater, there often occurs the need to un-seam a part of the carpet around the already damaged seam, before seaming it all back. We use the power of steam to loosen existing seams, then we clean that carpet patch thoroughly to ensure that no glue or debris remains there, and then we finally mend the seam with seam tape, seaming iron and a seam roller. The results of it are spectacular and last a lifetime. 

Our Carpet Seam Repair Lasts an Incredibly Long Time

We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Agoura Hills who never needed to call us twice for the same job. When we repair your carpets for you, our endeavor is to ensure that they last the longest time possible. We do a perfect job with seam repairs by making all the seams go ‘invisible’ all over again to make your carpet look like new. Our repairs come with a lifetime guarantee – so, in the rare case that your carpet develops the same problem again, we will readily repair it all over again for you. 

Highly Experienced Staff and Unparalleled Customer Service

Every repair professional of ours is formally trained, thoroughly skilled and experienced in his job. You can trust our experts do handle your carpets in the best way possible. They wield the state-of-the-art equipment of Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts to its best ability and ensure that your carpets undergo no further damage as a result of the repair process. 

We Eliminate the Need to Replace your Carpets Sooner than their Complete Lifespan

Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts can make your carpets look like new all over again. If the seams of your carpet are coming off, you most certainly do not need to replace it with a new one unless the carpet has well exceeded its lifespan. We will mend the seams so well that they do not show at all. In fact, the greatest benefit of our repairs is that they are barely visible. All you see on the surface is a fresh, taut, well-groomed carpet. 

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