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All rugs go through at least some degree of damage during their lifespan and require rug repair periodically. It is next to impossible to keep a rug in its pristine state if you are using it regularly. However expensive your rug is and however thoughtful you are about handling it, you cannot completely shield it from everyday damage like spillage, pet stains, foot traffic, furniture marks and fading due to exposure to light.

If you do notice signs of damage from any one or more of the above factors, do not stress! You neither need to continue using a flawed rug nor do you need to replace it with another one. We, the Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts, do a fantastic job at repairing old rugs and bringing them back to their former glory. However irreparable your rug appears to you, do not hesitate in bringing it to us for repair – we have proven our prowess as a rug repair specialist in Agoura Hills over and over again, winning us the awe of all our customers. 

We Recognize the Factors that Cause Rug Damage

We know exactly what causes damaged rugs in most homes and commercial spaces. Here goes a list of the commonest causes for rug damage with which we have commendable expertise in dealing.

  • Staining due to food and drink spillage
  • Tears due to pet claws, chewing, digging etc
  • Pet stains
  • Damaged edging or binding
  • Color fading
  • Moth damage
  • Fraying fringes

Besides treating common problems as stated above, we are adept at recognizing unusual damage and employing appropriate methods towards making it good. 

Special Technique for Repairing Rugs in Agoura Hills

Our rug repairing techniques are significantly different from our carpet repairing techniques. Unlike carpets, we do not repair rugs on-site. We transport your rugs to our facility, repair them there and deliver them back to your house mended, clean and fresh. 

We Inspect your Rugs Thoroughly before Repairing Them

We inspect your rugs for their type, which includes identifying factors like whether the rug is machine made or handmade, whether it uses natural fiber or artificial ones and the type of dyeing on it. In addition, we identify the exact cause of damage. It is only after being sure of the rug type and the reason for damage that we begin our repair process. Each repair process is therefore customized for the rug at hand. We firmly believe that since no two rugs are alike, no two repair jobs can be the same either. This devotion of ours, of only doing the very best for all our customers, has won us delightful reviews and an incredible number of repeat customers. 

We Repair Fringes Surprisingly Well

Your rugs are vulnerable to wear and tear, and the fringes on them are even more so. Fringes are often the first parts of the rug to start showing signs of damage, particularly if there is foot traffic on them. As a discerning rug owner, you know how much a fraying fringe can ruin the aesthetics of a rug. And repairing them well is not something all rug repairers offer. However, Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts defy all such expectations and do a fabulous job of fringe repair for you. We recreate an original appearing fringe for your rug with exactly the same fiber and dye to match, and attach it in place of the worn fringe. 

We take both Domestic and Commercial Projects

Domestic rug damage is often different from rug damage in a commercial space. The two require different techniques for repair and cleaning. At Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts, we understand them both equally well. You can trust us to your residential and workplace rugs alike. We will do a delightful job for you! 

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Precious rugs deserve special care. Leave your rug in our tender loving care and enjoy complete peace of mind. When your rug is in the safe hands of Agoura Hills Carpet Repair Experts rest assured it will get the best care possible. Call us today!

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